2017 Resolutions

Here I am with the annual resolutions entry guys! It's by far my favourite post of the year, because when I read the previous ones, I can really see how much me and my life have changed. If you want to read my old resolution posts, just click here.

This 2016? It has been an exhausting year overall. I have to admit that I also achived one of my most important targets. I'm really proud of myself! After all, it's impossible that a whole year is only "good" or "bad", so I'm trying to be rational and consider every important situation I went through. This year has been hard, more stressful than ever, but I'll always remember April as the happiest month, during which I realized a dream all by myself, with my strenght only.

If you're wondering, the photo was taken in Genoa. Jellyfishes are my favourite  aquatic animals (joint winners with Moray eels) and that has been one of the happiest moments in my life, I cried shamelessly...

Now, let's face the previous checklist!
2016 resolutions:
Study hard
Respect my poor agenda and follow the weekly plans (upgraded version of "Fight procrastination" ahah)
Work on my graphic portfolio.
Get fit
Dedicate more space to personal/daily life posts
Start making videos
☒ Improve my sewing knowledge
Avoid writing 1k drafts

4/8? Just like last year..!

Here's what I'd love to next
Dedicate more time to learn new things and less to social media
Follow my weekly plans
Find a job connected to my studies
Be more confident with my body
Be more constant with workouts and healthy habits
Make everyone proud of my thesis
Be a little more impulsive
Use constantly a planner and a bullet journal to keep everything organized

And you? Did you make a 2017 resolutions list?

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