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Hello loves, in this post I'll show you something different! I'm talking about some objects I own and I use here at home. I think that a house, and what's in it, can tell so much about a person!
I don't know if this will become a short series of posts, but for now let's start from the kitchen.

My mugs.
I'm addicted to tea and infusions, so I must have my own personal mugs. As you can see from the blog itself, I'm a big fan of black&white and minimalism. They're really relevant in my aesthetic.
I love that my mugs have different shapes and sizes, but they're somehow connected. The "&" mug is extremely special to me, because it reminds me how much I love typography.

My milk bottles.
I know, I wrote that black and white it's super important for me, but I can't resist to blue/pink matching items. And these bottles were just perfect for me! I use them when I make homemade vanilla milk, which is delicious, you know.

My coffee cups.
I'm italian, I need black coffee to start my day, to relax and basically to live ahah
And I love the fact that these cups are completely transparent.

My plates.
They're smaller than a regular plate and they have a different shape, that's why I love them! They also have a delicate line pattern on the other side, so they're not completely smooth.
If you follow me on Instagram (@MakiEraclea) you certainly saw them in my stories!

What do you think of this kind of posts? Would you like to see more?
See you next time!

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