Instax Mini 70. Smile!

I decided to buy me a present, because of several reasons. I wanted an Instax Mini 70 for so long, and now here it is. Instant cameras look so fascinating to me, you take the picture and you can't change it. It's natural and spontaneous.
That's why I bought it. I edit and choose pics of myself on a daily basis, so I wanted something without that possibility.

I'm always careful about how I look and, strange enough to write here, I don't really like to take photos during friend meetings, parties etc. I feel pretty uncomfortable. I know that it sounds strange since I frequently work as a beauty model, but this isn't synonym of self-confidence.

It's really hard for me to look 100% spontaneous in a photo, but recently something happend to me. I was forced to search some old photos, and I realized how beautiful they were. Seeing myself, smiling happily with my grandmother, made me want to create more memories like those one.
Basically, that's all. Do you own an instant camera? Do you like them?

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