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Goodmorning! ...My birthday is in June, right? But if you know me and my blog, you're surely used to my super late posts ❤ I'm sorry, it can't be helped.
Anyway, as the title says, I'm here to write about my birthday. It's not an event for me, and I pretty much dislike it, but the "birthdat post" became like a tradition here on Settimo Arcano. You can read the older b-day posts here and here!

If you enjoy videogames, you probably know that Odin Sphere leifthrasir was released in June. A mere coincidence? No. Not for me. I wrote about this topic in a veeery old post, I'm sure that you'll feel nostalgic reading it! 

The first birthday present is the storybook edition! From me to me ❤ With love and tears because it wasn't exactly cheap! I'm just an happy child, even if the shirt is obviously giant...
The game's in my ps4, I was too lazy to take photos ahah
To complete the picture, my boyfriend gave me Gwendolyn's action figure! I was too excited to speak properly, so I just hugged the box giggling... I'm not a figure collector, but that one was just a must have!

My girls M, M, C & G know perfectly that I'm a shopaholic... But a terrible kind: the forever unsatisfied. I have indecent standards. I can have an obsession for leopard print and discard 9 items on 10 because the pattern hasn't the right color, size, shape etc ahah
In the end, they gave me a shopping card! With an holographic case! It was a wise choice, and a very appreciated gift. There was also a cute postcard, I loved it. 
Everything was really done thinking about me and my taste, I couldn't be happier!

During Rimini Comix I met another friend of mine. Since lately our personal routines don't match at all, we couldn't spend an afternoon together. So we met during the con, and she gave me two Yankee tarts! In my favourite scents ever ,__, ❤ Now I have to buy that particular essence burner and I'm ready to enjoy those candles.

Talking about parties, I didn't have one, since it really doesn't fit my persona. I spent some evenings going out with my dearest friends, and I'm really thankful for all their love ,__, ❤

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