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Hello dears! I worked on something really different for the blog: I made a wig styling tutorial! I know that it's something more cosplay related, but I decided to post it here since the shooting theme I chose is "Modern Geisha"... With a little bit of my usual graphic things because you know, I love them.
You can buy this grey wig HERE, on Uniqso's website! You can also use my discount code "MAKI".

I will include a short review and some additional tips, because YES, the tutorial is actually the video below! I decided to open a YouTube channel to post reviews, tutorial, cosplay and beauty things... So yeah, basically it's always me trying to use another media ❤ This is my channel, I'd be super happy if you decide to subscribe and join my crazy plans! :D

Let's start with the additional tips:
• To make your base structure, choose a material with the same color of your wig (or at least a similar one).
• The more glue you use, the more dirty and unnatural your wig gets! Try to use a small amount and fix the fibers with some hairspray.
• If you have to use two wigs for your project, don't cut the fibers! Unsew the locks from the scalp to make your life easier :D


This wig deserves 4/5 for just one reason: the hairline of the fringe seems to be a little fuzzy! As you can see from the photo it's not a big deal, but I want to be always completely honest with you, and that's why I try intentionally to find any flaw.
Anyway, for anything else this wig is amazing. Soft, full of fibers, easy to brush, opaque to the right point ❤
Extra positive thing: THIS WIG IS GREY. Do you love grey things? BECAUSE I DO, AS YOU MAY HAVE NOTICED :D

I'ts time to show you my photos and the video! If you find it useful, please, give it a thumbs up and subscribe! Thanks for reading... And enjoy!

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  1. Amazing work and result! *O* thank you so much for share!

    1. You're welcome cutie! I'm looking forward to share new tutorials with everyone! :)





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