{TUTORIAL} Thin out a wig + simple hot pink makeup

Hello dears! It's tutorial time ♡ I got another super cool wig from Uniqso, you already saw it in my Geo Holycat Funky Blue review! But you know, wigs don't always come styled as we need, so some little adjustments are necessary.
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To thin out a wig, you just need the coiffeur scissors. It's ridiculously easy. What you have to do, is to create some layers!
First step: Twist a tiny lock of hair 
Second step: Start cutting the fibers while moving towards the end. You're supposed to cut softly a small amount of hair, to create a nice layer
Third step: repeat with other locks and until you're happy with the result!

It's not over!
Since saying goodbye after a super easy tutorial like this isn't nice, I decided to include another tiny thing ❤️
Lately I'm obsessed with hot pink, and of course I wanted to use it in my makeup too! Here's the steps to recreate this simple makeup:

Use a soft white eyeshadow directly under the eyebrow, along the arch. This will help to highlight your eyes.
I chose a nice shade of antique pink as my main colour.
To light up my eyelid, I applied in the middle a shimmer light pink eyeshadow.
A brown eyeshadow will help creating depht.
Last, the hot pink kajal!
Thanks for reading!

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