Wig review + Bishamon inspired look

Hi everyone! It's review time! I got the chance to grab this amazing blonde wig from Uniqso, and I decided to go for a Bishamon inspired makeup (from Noragami!) since I'm planning to sew her cosplay as soon as I finish my exams.
Remember to use my code "MAKI" if you order from Uniqso
I recently wrote another post about Uniqso's wig, I reviewed a super cute silver wig and you can read it here! I used my lace bunny ears for that shooting (´∀`)♡

This blonde wig is 130cm long, it reaches my knees! Even if it's silky, tangles are inevitable... And brushing this wig can be a little hard. When I did it, it lost several hair.
As you can see from the last photo, my wig cap isn't shown, so don't worry!

Since I received this wig with the silver one, I feel like I can make a comparison between the two fringes. The only almost-negative point of this blonde wig is, in fact, the frontal part. If you don't comb and separate the wefts with care, you'll see the wig base and its seam. It's not like you'll look bald, but you just need extra care to make the fringe look natural.

Anyway, this wig has a very good quality, and I'm really looking forward to start my Bishamon cosplay!
I'm also happy to announce that starting from the next month, I'll publish more tutorials ❤ basically they'll be about makeup and wig styling! I hope you'll like them :)

Thanks for reading!

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