2016 Resolutions

This is the third year of my "resolutions" post series and even if it's not a big event, it makes me particularly happy. I love to look back and check what I've been able to realize and what requires more work and efforts. 2015 started with a big and negative event for me, and ended with something even bigger, but luckily positive. I realized one of my biggest dream ever, maybe the most important one ❤ But now, back to the checklist!

2015 resolutions:
☒ Eat less sweets 
☒ Get fit
Study harder and keep high notes
Write at least a post per month
Post some coord pics
Keep on saving money for my project
☒ Fight procrastination

...4/7. Just like the past year, I'm a super lazybones! To be honest, I'd say that the point "Get fit" is almost reached, since I'm doing different workouts. I started in summer, so it's obvious that I'm still far from the body I want! 

Study hard
Respect my poor agenda and follow the weekly plans (upgraded version of "Fight procrastination" ahah)
Work on my graphic portfolio.
Get fit
Dedicate more space to personal/daily life posts
Start making videos
Improve my sewing knowledge
Avoid writing 1k drafts

And now I'll just post my favoruite 2015 selfie (ᅌᴗᅌ* )
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