My first KawaiiBox

Hi! It's been a while since I last updated the blog, and today I want to do it in the cutest way possible! I received my first KawaiiBox, do you know what is it?
Briefly, it's a montly secret box (you can subscribe or unsibscribe anytime you want) which contains different super cute items. Some brand examples? Alpacasso, Hello Kitty, Nemuneko... ❤ You can't know in advance what's in your box, but be sure that everything you'll find is super cute!
Here's the list of what I received:

  • Meiji diy sushi bar gummies
  • animal sticker sheet
  • neko emoji mini pouch
  • jewelry seal deco stickers
  • popcorn rolling stamp set
  • heart shaped nail flakes
  • unchi-kun poop lollipop
  • pattern envelope set
  • finger family monster pouch
  • lollipop pen
  • flan dakigurumi plush pouch

...ELEVEN CRAZILY ADORABLE ITEMS! Seriously, I loved my entire KawaiiBox! Especially because it also included useful items like a pen, a pouch and an envelope set. Take a look! (◞⁎˃ᆺ˂)◞
If you want to spoil yourself a little, I suggest you a KawaiiBox... I felt like a child on Christmas, seriously ahah AND CHECK HOW COOL WAS MY LOLLIPOOP (strawberry flavorrr).
Anyway! With all your cute things, you'll also receive some postcards with promotions and a discount code, for instance, you can post a photo of your KawaiiBox with the hashtag #kawaiibox and you'll have the chance to win a megabox worth 100$  (●♡∀♡)

Last but not least, stay tuned on my facebook page, because I have an exciting news for you cuties! Bye bye

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