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Hello cuties! After my very basic tutorials on how to cut straight bangs, how to curl or how to straighten a wig, I decided to make something more particular and different. I'm going to make an ombre effect on this beautiful Uniqso purple wig! Use my discount code "maki" when shopping there! ✮

I decided to dedicate a tiny space to review the product. As always, the fiber quality is amazing. As you can see in the photo, the color is the result of mixed shades of purple. It creates a very natural effect! Uniqso's team always provides you high quality products, and that's why I love them!
Remember that you can only go for a darker color on wigs, so I decided to make a black ombre dye. You will need:
- A wig
- A plastic cloth
- An empty spray bottle
- A comb 
- 70% alcohol
- The color you want to make the ombre with. Inks and sharpies are ok! We need their filter!

Let's get it started! 
Mix your color with the alcohol (literally immerse the filter). You want to obtain a very dark liquid, so be careful to not make it too diluted (it must be black, not dark grey or else).
Pour your dye into the spray bottle and prepare your wig: if you have a wig stand it will be super useful, then put everything on the plastic cloth.
Spray time! Start using it on the end of your wig and don't point the spurt toward the other hair. This is very important, since it will determinate the result of the ombre effect. When the end of your wig looks completely black, it's time to create the gradient effect. 
Increase the distance between you and your wig and start using your spray again. This time you want  to color the middle part too. To color every fiber, you can also divide the wig and paint it lock by lock. It's a longer work but the result will surely be more precise.
It's better to avoid brushing the wig during this phase, since the comb will move/remove the soft texture created with the spray, canceling the ombre effect we want to reach!
Then, as you can see in the photo, we need to let the wig dry.

If your result looks too soft for your tastes, it's time to use an indelible pencil. Be careful! Remember that the pencil stiffen the fibers, so it's better to use it only on the very end of your wig, just to higlight the ombre effect.
Our wig is now ready! 
(In these photos I repeated the entire process, because I wanted to dye more flibers) 

Thanks for reading!
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  1. That purple colour is so pretty and the end result looks so nice!

  2. I like it so much now, you did a really good job!





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