Small talk

You know, it's not that frequent to read reflective posts, here. Basically because I'm always into the "beauty/fashion" side of this tiny space and sometimes I forget that it's my personal blog, after all! Yes, I'm also very reserved indeed, but sometimes I like to share some thoughts with you.

And well... This is a strange period for me, where things are going on fastly and at times they make me feel lost.
My next exam session is approaching and it can be surely considered as my primary source of stress. I'm always really good when it's about planning my studies and the like, but this time something went wrong, I suppose.
Probably, I won't be able to take for my four exams and this bothers me so much. The fault wasn't all mine, I won't use it as an excuse, but it's sure that there wasn't the right condition to let me study peacefully.
It's not a big problem to postpone an exam or two after all, but since it's not what I was planning... Well, I'm pretty angry.

Luckily, little things are just the best to cheer me up. An unexpected beautiful sky, a relaxing night on my terrace and the perfume of a vanilla candle.
I'm also very close to an extraordinary change in my life, I'm both scared and enthusiast ❤ 

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