{WIG STYLING} Straight Bangs

Hi dears! Finally I can post a tutorial ❤ I decided to start with a simple straight bangs also because the wig I'm going to cut will be used for my Togame cosplay (Katanagatari)! The wig is from uniqso and you can use the code MAKI to have a 10% discount on every item in their store.
The wig;
A polystyrene head (not necessary, but it's really helpful);
Two different pair of scissors (one to cut the majority of the fibers and one to thin out the bangs);
An hairbrush and a comb
Some pins or bobby pins
First of all, put your wig on the polystyrene head and fix it with some pins. Then brush it and chose how many lock of hair you want to include in your bangs; as I did before, you can use bobby pins to fix them! Are you ready? It's time to cut your wig! Take your sharped scissors (something like this will be perfect!) and use your comb to be more precise.

Be careful! Don't cut the bangs too short! Because the wig, worn, may look different... And you can't do anything once you've done the mistake (´Д`。)
So my advice is: leave 1/2 cm more than the lenght you want (measure the wig with a centimetre to be accurate), wear the wig and refine the shape with the scissor used before, all depending on the measure you need! (long, over the eyebrows, super short...)
But it's not over! It's time to use our thinning scissors. As you can see in the first photos it's different from the other one. The blades of the thinning scissors have teeth on the edge like a comb, they're necessary to thin out the hairs and lighten the end.
This isn't an indispensable step, but I don't like to see those super "heavy" bangs, you know(´∧`) 
Well... I hope that you found my little tutorial useful! I also made a summary pic that can be shared on Facebook or Tumblr
See you soon!

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