{REVIEW} MAX★STAR platform sneekers

Hi cuties! (●´∀`)ノ This review will be completely different from my standard... Because today I'm going to write about a pair of shoes! Precisely a pair of MAXSTAR shoes. This brand was founded in 2008 in South Korea, and today is one of the most popular shop which sells platform sneekers ❤ They also offer a customization service! Basically they make the converse you want, with the design you want... It's amazing, isn't it? (๑ↀᆺↀ๑)✧

Here's my order, anyway! I decided to avoid taking photos of the parcel, because the customs (I hate you forever) checked it. It was almost fully covered with their tape, they also did a terrible closing, but well... I'm not here to complain about their work.
I'm here to talk about my beautiful and super comfortable new pair of shoes! (´ ▽`).。o♡
I chose a navy pair because I basically have only black shoes ahah I wanted to change~ And of course, I'm super satisfied with my order!
As you can see, the shoes comes in a fabric bag with MAX★STAR logo. I loved it! Talking about the shipping, I recived my order in 4 days

The shoes aren't heavy at all, and to me it's super positive! As you can see, the sole has a pattern and this means that you have a certain adherence to the ground. It may sound stupid but I have a flat sole pair of shoes and believe me, they glide, which is pretty dangerous... The seams are precise and the shoe in general is very comfortable.
If I have to find a "negative" point it would be that on the website, the inner sole measure is missing. But for any question you can contact them, as they wrote in this page! Basically you can solve fastly the problem with an email (ᅌᴗᅌ* )
To be short, I'm totally happy with MAX★STAR shoes quality, I want to use them in some outfits before the rainy season begin! (๑・㉨・๑) And if you want to buy this specific pair, here's the link. Other colors are available, like black, white red and mint... Just check out the site and... Happy shopping!

Last but not least, I have a present for you: it's a discount code!
Enter MakiEraclea at checkout ❤ 
Oh, one more thing~ Thank you soo much for reading and visiting my blog, I reached the 20k views... And it's all thanks to you! (´▽`ʃƪ)♡ I'll keep on doing my best~

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  1. Maledette Dogane!!! XD sembrano molto comode U.u, ma come mai le hai prese cosi "semplici" visto che si possono personalizzare?
    p.s. lo sconto salta fuori dal tuo acquisto o perché sei diventata sponsor?

    1. Si si sono comodissime! Io generalmente ho problemi con questo tipo di scarpe perchè mi tagliano dietro, mentre cammino... Ma queste sono imbottite e morbide ; 3 ; <3
      Le ho scelte così perchè effettivamente volevo un paio di scarpe semplici, e lo sconto me lo ha proposto lo staff Maxstar! >U<

  2. Congratulations on your kiriban! <3





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