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Hiii! (。・ω・。)ノ The lessons are about to start, so I'm all focused on sewing things and stuff before that period... Today I just want to write a personal post, with a super hot cup of tea on my desk.
Do you like playing videogames? I don't call myself a "gamer girl" but I like playing videogames since I was a child. I remember that when I went to see my cousins I was always pretending to use their Game Boy ahah Then, some years later, I got my PlayStation 1 and my Game Boy color
I don't remember the title of the games I had (exept Pokemon obviously!) but I know that one of them was similar to Tekken, and another one was a simple racing game. Then one of the titles I loved for ps1 has surely been Tombi (⁎˃ᆺ˂) God, I played for so many hours (screw you pigs!)... But to be honest, the main topic of this entry is the Play Station 2, along with my Nintendo ds. I have more memories and they're more vivid, of course. I played a large number of games on ps2, but I was rarely able to finish them! Just because my dad used to rent them with a movie on saturday. I basically had 3-4 days to play a title, and for a busy kid like me, it was really hard! Ahah
I had school, minivolley training, tons of cartoons to watch and also an amazing social life (you know, I live really close to a park, so I was always there playing all the time..!)
But one thing is totally sure: Dad never rent a girly game for his princess. I played Alien vs Predator, Hitman, Man in Black, Resident Evil and the like... But well, I liked them after all! Then I asked my parents to buy me some games and so I start playing Rayman, Crash, Ape Escape and Spyro. Those kind of game really entertained me for months ❤ I also played Tomb Rider, but I'm not sure if I did it on playstation 2 or on my computer. Some other titles I played are wwe, Tekken (wich I still like) and Naruto, because my young brother start playing too.

Woah, I really wrote a loooong post ahah but let me say one more thing: I won't spend so many words for the games below... I can just say that I loved them and that I consider them as my "little treasure" ❤
To be honest I'm still playing Odin Sphere to my bf's house, because my copy of the game has been ruined when I was youger! The one you see here is another copy that I found some month ago! (´▽`ʃƪ)♡

Do you have any game that you consider as a trasure?
Also, thanks for reading! I hope you didn't find this entry boring..!

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  1. I'm playing at Final Fantasy XIII in my play3 ^ ^ graphics are really cool *o*





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