Gifts from Japan

A friend of mine, Matteo, went to Japan and brought me some little presents! *__*  I never had the chance to write a proper post about that, but here we go! The super cute coin purse is from Nara... I really love it, the design is super cute! Moreover light blue is my favourite colour, so.. (~▽~) 
Then he couldn't forget some sweets! I really liked the macha flavour kit kat, I want moooreee It was really delicious~ Last but not least, I recived some magazines. I photographed my favourite ones, because they're somewhat gyaru-ish. I'd like to try one or two hairstyles in these days! Anyway the magazines are full of photos, so I don't have to worry about the language. Matteo also gave me an english guidebook about Akihabara ( ´ ▽ ` ) I want to go to Japan so bad... But for now I have to wait patiently ahah To be honest I planned a trip for may, and I'm super excited! I'll be in London with my boyfriend, we'll attend the London Comic Con, but I'll talk about this adventure on my cosplay blog!

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