Super late holyday post

Hi everyone! I've been quite busy in the last period, so that's why I'm superrr late with my holyday post! My Christmas was actually very simple and nice; I spent the day with my parents, my two lovely grandmothers and my boyfriend ❤ The next day we had a dinner with some other parents. Nothing really special! But I enjoied those days I think that the main reason can be that I stayed a little more with my bf~
I didn't recive so many present, because I honestly hadn't particular wishes! My actual aim is to rebuild my wardrobe... And I want to do it by myself So I mainly recived money and sweets (always well accepted!). My mother and my little brother gave me some useful makeup products, and my friend Monica gave me a book written by my actual favourite writer! I couldn't be happier when I saw it! Then I made myself a present (it's only the first one... *coff). To be honest I bought it in january, but nevermind! I needed an agenda, and I fell in love with this Star Wars moleskine limited edition  Now I actually have too many space to write my plans, just because the format is really huge compared to my super tiny calligraphy ahah I suppose that I only need to get a busier life!

Well, I wanted to insert my january haul too, but I don't want to spam tons of photos in this post! I'll dedicate the next one to my adorable purchases
Now I want to publish my new year's resolutions, just to fix them! (I will check out again this post in december! )

Study hard;
Continue my wardrobe reconstruction;
Save money for one of my biggest project;
Keep on making graphic commissions;
Keep on making cosplay commissions;
Get fit;
Go to Japan with my boyfriend;
Hold down a part time job

That's all I suppose! See you next time 

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