{TUTORIAL} Gwendolyn makeup

Hi everyone! Today I want to start this new section of the blog, because some people asked me to make a tutorial about my last makeup ❤ I'm talking about my Gwendolyn's instant cosplay, you can find the picture in my GEO XTRA WBS review post, and you can purchase the amazing lenses I used HERE! So... Let's start, I don't know if I'm able to make a proper tutorial, but I'll do my best. Aaaand again, thank you for your support, my facebook page reached the 800 likes (I think it's crazy!) and I recived tones of lovely questions on my Ask.fm profile... You guys are just adorable!
Aaand here we go with the tutorial! Forget about my eye socket, but I really made the photos in a busy day!  

Thank you for reading, I hope that the tutorial will be at least a little useful!
If you like the tutorial, please, let me know with a comment! And join the blog with google friend connect to be always informed!

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