Today I'm gonna review a wig, kindly sent me by MatchWigs! This site is a well-furnished online store, you can find wigs of every lenght and colour, with or without pre-styled ponytails... Well, to make it short, you have a wiiide choice! I totally fell in love with this site, the staff is super friendly and nice. You can easily notice that MatchWigs is managed by passionate cosplay lovers! They really care about wigs quality (you know, both in cosplay and in street fashion, the wig is a basic element! You don't want to look like a carnival mask, right? ) and now that I have my wig here I can totally confirm that they got the point. Seriously, my wig is super soft, thick and most of all it looks realistic! I want to hug my wig, yes.
This time I didn't choose a cosplay wig, because I wanted to try something suitable for everyday coords! In fact, the store can provide you natural wigs that you can use for different japanese styles, today I chose to wear my Wilfur wig with a simple casual outfit    
And now it's time to start the out-and-out review!

General Presentation: ★★★★★ 5/5
As always I'm gonna write something about the pack I recived. I'm gonna tell you a silly thing, maybe, but I have to. The wig comes in her usual plastic envelope, which was -obviously- in a package. But it was silver, silverrr! Omg it's so stupid of me, but I loved that the parcel wasn't yellow or white but super shiny and silver ahah Ignoring my delirium, MatchWigs deserves 5 stars in the general presentation because everything comes here safe and well organized.

Shipping Metod: ★★★★☆ 4.5/5 (well I don't have an half coloured star asdfgh)
On MatchWig website you can easily check your order status, because they have a specific page dedicated to your purchases. So I'm able to share with you my esperience!
Payment date: 07/08/2013
Shipping date: 10/08/2013
Delivery date: 30/08/2013
So my wig took 3 weeks to arrive, it's a great shipping time! Anyway there's a reason for my vote: at first the shipping cost to Italy was very, very expansive. Sim told me that they had to use a special courier because Italy was previously one of the country they had problems shipping to. In the end they sent me the item with the usual registered shipping (which is cheap, but still safe!) and everything was fine!

Wig Quality: ★★★★★ 5/5
As I said before the wig is stunning. Super soft and straight, with opaque fibers and very thick. Moreover, it's hard to find tangles while you're wearing it (unless you're headbanding, I guess?). So five stars here too. You can wear your MatchWig during a cosplay con or during your shopping, beeing sure that it won't turn into a complete mess!

And now I'd like to spam as hell show how beautiful this wig can be ❤ Thank you again MatchWigs!

You can find MatchWigs on its website, on facebook, instagram, tumblr and twitter!

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