Busy, busy, busy!

Hi everyone! I'm so busy in this period! I can only show you the things I bought in october! I'm sure that they'll arrive in November, at least... I'm so impatient! I'm also waiting for some circle lenses to review, I'm really looking forward to recive eeeverything!

Aaand... These are some very silly and random photos, I took them in a boring afternoon... I just wanted to try my blue feather eyelashes and the remote control that I bought!   I really wanted to try a super exagerate makeup, and I'm quite satisfied with the result! A person even told me that I look like an idol! Ahah (I dont' think so, but it has been a nice comment!)

I'm sorry, this post isn't really that intresting! But as I wrote before, I have tones of things to do Really, I have no free time! ahah See you soon darlings, chu!

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