Quick update: Cute things I bought ❤

This is gonna be a super duper quick update, I just wanted to show you the new arrivals! 
A month ago, I ordered from ebay a cat ears headband... But unluckily it arrived broken, a tiny pearl was missing! So I contacted the seller and he kindly sent me another item, without paying anything. I was looking forward to recive it, and finally it's here!
This headband became pretty popular because of two reasons, in my opinion. Because of Tailor Swift, who wears it in her "22" video, and most of all because of k-pop idols. In fact I spotted Lee hi and SNSD members with this cute headband, or with a similar one!

I also bought a pair of skeleton tights, but I never had the chance to show them ahah ╮(─▽─)╭ Now it's summer, so I think that I'll never ever wear a pair of tights! I don't want to melt away... For now they'll wait safely in my closet... lol

And here's a boring outfit from my instagram... These days are super hot! My low pressure doesn't like it at all. But well... I have to dress up to catch the train, so here it is. 
I wanted to show you my riding horse vintage earrings, but I completely forgot to take a picture! (●´□`) These temperature are melting my brain...


That's all for now! I'm running a new project, so stay tuned  And remind to follow me with Google Friend Connect (it's superrrr easy) and with bloglovin! Thank you!

2 commenti:

  1. I think these cat ear hairbands are super lovely! ^-^It surely will look good on you! Maybe I should buy one too.. <3

  2. Yes, they're super cute! *3*
    I really hope that it will suits me ahah thank you *O*
    And on ebay you can find some great offers, sometimes they're really cheap!





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