Ghost of Harlem 2013 A/W concept

Hi! Finally the new Ghost of Harlem collection is online, so I'd like to share it with you! The model is Sakurai Rina, known also as Sakurina. She's one of my biggest inspiration, I think that she's really amazing... I just love the way she poses
The name of the collection is "Sweet Devils", aaand in my opinion there aren't some unique or really innovative items, but I like the concept anyway.  My favourite coords are the ones shown in P11, P18 and P22!  
What do you think?~ (Click on the pictures to enlarge them!)

That's all! I'm working on a make up tutorial in these days, so the next post will be about that, stay tuned! Aaaand as always remember to follow me with gfc and bloglovin!

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