A new kind of blog ψ(`∇´)ψ

I finally decided the destiny of this blog! (●´□`) Because, after all, it's my blog. And I think that it should represent me a little! (◡‿◡✿)
Let's talk about the changes. As you can see, I decided to write in english, without a particular reason... Well, at least I'll keep in practice the language (*´・v・) (moreover my cosplay blog is already written in english...)
Point two: the new categories. I translated the commission post and I created the "outfit" category.
Mmh, that's because I'm into japanese fashion since years, YEARS I said. But I never found the courage (and the money, babies ♥) to follow this kind of fashion, or at least to get inspired by it...
So what's changed in my head? I don't know honestly ahahah I just thought "from now I'm gonna do what I want, and I want my style to be more accurate" ...STOP. So I'm totally a newbie, ok? Don't be mean with me please! (●´□`)♡
This post can't really be considered an "outfit post", but I needed to start with something... And I think that a clarification was necessary.

Well... Here I go with my last purchases! (*・艸・)
I bought a new tiny shoulder bag, even if what I really need is a big, spacius one. lol
It's lovely so I don't care! (*´艸`*) I always fall in love with everything that look vintage, or with a floral pattern...ヽ(´ー`)┌
Next, we have two blouse... I bought the striped one online, I was a bit worried for the size, but it suits me perfectly! (─▽─)
...I'll surely post some real outfit pics next time ahah

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